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{{Infobox creature
{{Infobox creature
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|setting = GC
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|caption =  
|status = Thriving
|status = Thriving

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General information
Status Thriving
Native to Azima
Size 10-20'/3.01-6.01m length
Diet Carnivorous
Limbs 10
Intelligence Sapient
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 40 years
Known for Acid blood

Ushuru are sapient, aquatic creatures native to the moon Azima. They have established an early agricultural civilization and have learned the use of basic stone tools.


Ushuru have streamlined bodies as well as ten, tentacle-like appendages. They have a hatchet-shaped snout as well as eyes positioned on the front-side of their head. Dotted along their bodies are a series of spots that glow with bioluminescence, allowing them to communicate with one another. They have small earholes which detect the motions of soundwaves rather than changes in pressure.

On average, Ushuru tend to be twelve feet in length, while its tentacles can contract and extend up to twenty feet.

Ushuru dine on meat. Their most frequently used weapon is a blunt punch capable of crushing bones and cartilage. However, they have also learned how to manipulate tools using their tentacles.

While Ushuru cannot breathe under ammonia, they can hold their breath for long periods of time. And while they can move around on land, they are more agile when in the ammonia.


Like most species on Azima, Ushuru are hermaphrodites, and can change genders. Largely, they hunt in packs and live collectively. They designate leaders and other specific roles such as hunting or looking after young.

Unlike any other known animal on Azima, Ushuru are known to kill other animals for fun. They can also hold others of their own kind for ransom in exchange for physiological needs. Lastly, Ushuru's bioluminiscent patterns differ from region to region and are organized into dialects.


Ushuru are a primitive civilization. They have discovered how to use stone tools which they use to create under-ammonia mounds of dirt. They have also discovered how to create light patterns by growing bioluminiscent aquatic plants in specific patterns. This allows them to mark their territory and cities.