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{{Infobox creature
{{Infobox creature
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|setting = GC
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|caption =  
|status = Extinct
|status = Extinct

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General information
Status Extinct
Population 0
Native to Sryryma
Diet OmnivorousGreen scales
Limbs 4
Eyes 2
Intelligence Sapient
Symmetry Bilateral

The Sryrym were green reptilian creatures native to the planet Sryryma found in the Sry system. They were among the victims of the Sterility Plague and are now extinct.


Sryrym had long snake-like bodies with four limbs - two legs in a therapod stance and two grasping arms out to their front. Sryrym also possessed a binocular vision and a bisecting tongue.


The Sryrym were allied with the Kasha Proclamation during the era of the First Galactic Senate. At Sryrym named Igleon is responsible for the creation of the Genodraco Legion.