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KE–EIT relations are somewhat healthy.


The Karalian Empire has assisted the EIT numerous times during the Kklxin War.


The Karalian Empire generally has a low number of colonies specifically dedicated to agriculture. Instead, most of their income comes from minerals, which the EIT desire - the Outer Arm is notably lacking in the number of planets with cost efficient minable minerals. The EIT's powerful agricultural industry exports a sizeable percentage of the Karalian Empire's foodstuffs, where at the same time the EIT is the largest customer of Karalian Empire metals and minerals.


First contact

In 1987 AD, first contact between the Karalian Empire and the EIT occurred when the Dragon Cruiser, operated by King Rustiagon Karrel was damaged in a Buyuk Empire invasion. Making his way to the nearest star system, he came across a junk trawler who had no idea who he was, suggesting that the king stop by the Sius system for repairs.

When Karrel arrived, Malisk II was under naval lockdown due to Buyuk invasions in the Outer Arm. Due to a misunderstanding, Karrel was arrested by the ISF. After proving his innocence in a military court, Karrel was returned to the KE, eventually leading to a hastily formed alliance as a means to combat the Buyuk threat in the local area.

The resulting diplomacy between the EIT and the KE allowed them to work together to cut off Buyuk supply lines to the Outer Arm, lessening the amount of invasions in the area.

Aldaris Incident

The Aldaris Incident occurred in 2037 AD. The Karalian Empire wanted to maintain a general mineral monopoly in the sector containing the Aldaris system, a region rich with rare earth metals. Eteno companies demanded rights to the planets they surveyed, resulting in disputes regarding colonization.

During this unstable era, a supposed mining accident at the core of Aldaris-29 caused the planet's destruction. The KE perceived this as an act of aggression by the EIT and opened fire upon them. The conflict dragged on for at least several weeks, with the most violent of battles occurring on Vassis. Eventually, the incident ended in a stalemate, and the planets and systems in the sector were split evenly between EIT and KE mining companies.

The cause of Aldaris-29's destruction remains highly disputed. Some claim it to be a terrorist attack while others believe it to be a malfunction with the mining equipment. No evidence for either theory has been found, making it one of the greatest mysteries in the history between the KE and the EIT.

Kklxin War

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Gimheldt Incident

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War Between Vaikan States

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The Eteno Imperial Triumvirate provided financial support to both sides for their own personal gain. When the KE collapsed, the EIT quarantined the most violent regions that remained. Eventually, they brought stability to the Heart and Soul Nebula, laying foundation to the Kingdom of New Karalia.