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{{Infobox creature
{{Infobox creature
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|setting = GC
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|caption =  
|status = Isolated
|status = Isolated

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General information
Status Isolated
Native to Razanna
Size 5'/1.52m height
Diet Omnivorous
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan Unknown
Description Genetically enhanced with organic material, collective intelligence

The Harvesters are a civilization in the outer Perseus Arm. They are infamously known for filling their armies with organic individuals made from the parts of other species, and are thus subject to discrimination.

The "Harvester" name was coined by the Delson Hegemony, as there are no known Harvester languages that bestow a name upon themselves.


Harvesters are native to the moon Razanna which orbits a gas giant that emits lethal radiation. They live beneath their icy homeworld in large, subterranean network of tunnels heated by geothermal vents and lit up by bioluminescent plants. Liquid water flows like rivers despite Razanna being outside the habitable zone.

Harvesters are roughly five feet tall. They possess four legs, two arms and a bony, exoskeleton. Essentially, they are space faring insects with a collective intelligence. The Hive Masters are considered the brains of the Harvester species - they stand much taller at over seven feet tall. Hive Leader are slightly smaller, serving as commanders for the individual Harvesters.

Their collective intelligence has allowed them to hunt and coordinate attacks with great dexterity. By nature, a non-Hive Leader or Master considers themselves expendable for the greater good.

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