Flag of the United Provinces

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United Provinces of Darya
Flag of the United Provinces of Darya
Names The Darsa flag, An'ucvekar, The Union Star, Green and Gold
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 24 Kalleris 161 TE (original 5-point star version)
Novi'enyo 467 TE (current 18-point star version)
Design An eighteen-point Ul'ustopa (Union Star) on a green field

The Flag of the United Provinces of Darya (Maviba: Darya Rasi'ul'us Vekar) , often referred to as the Darsi flag (Darsivekar), is the national flag of the United Provinces. It consists of a golden eighteen-point Union Star on a green field. The eighteen points on the star represent the 18 systems occupied by the United Provinces. The golden colour used in the star represents justice and wisdom, while the green background represents hope and courage. Nicknames for the flag include An'ucvekar (lit. Single, Almighty Banner), which is based on a quote from the United Provinces Charter; The Union Star; and Green and Gold.