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The Yumekage (translation Dream Shadow) are a dreamwalking order native to Yumekage Island in the Dragon's Triangle near Japan. The Yumekage are experts in the Realm of Darkness. They have the ability to control non-sapient Id, and they use darkness magic. Their ranks consist of warriors who model their lifestyles after samurai and ninja.

The Yumekage are rivals with the Ahona Guardians. The two of them directly fought one another during World War II serving their respective home countries. Even after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Yumekage continued to fight on the dream front. However, a truce was reached through efforts coordinated between Leopoldo Martines and Kyoko Fujiwara. They married one another believing they had found a way to balance the light and dark.



  • Hanzo Kusanagi - The leader of the Yumekage, Hanzo is a samurai and talented tactician. He prefers a fair fight and a challenge.
  • Kyoko Fujiwara - A high ranking Yumekage that negotiated the peace between the Yumekage and Ahona. After her death at the hands of a Nephilim named Jira, she reincarnated herself as a shinigami. She is the grandmother of Maria Martines.