Windseeker Eyrie

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Windseeker Eyrie is a small island found off the coast of Oceanfell. It was home to the Palvari Tribe where they built the city of Palvaridad. Windseeker Eyrie is the ancestral home of the Kingdom of Polvora.


The island has a single, towering peak and is home to the Windseeker Dragons. It is here where these dragons nest and live in there own haven away from competing predators alongside the Palvari Tribe. The Spirit Dragon Feng lives at the very top of the mountain watching over the island's inhabitants as if they were children.

The island itself is fairly sparse on resources, but its relative isolation from the more wild, untamed mainland makes it a safe haven. Because most of the landscape gets regularly charred from dragon fire, it is difficult for all but the most hardy of plants to grow. Despite this, there are highly persistent patches of green.

Native life

  • Windseeker Dragon - The Windseeker Dragons are a species of dragon approximately the size of a horse. Initially, they have wings that are too small to fly for long periods of time. However, a magic scale from Feng will allow the dragon to soar long distances and over mountains. Windseekers are capable of breathing fire like most dragons.
  • Land Manatee - A gray, cow-like creature that served as the main food source for the dragons and humans until a plague reduced them to near extinction. Males have large tusks, and often grow nearly as big as their dragon predators.
  • Eyrie Pangolin - The Eyrie Pangolin is a much smaller creature native to the island. Its hard plated scales protect itself from dragon fire.


The Palvari Tribe formed bonds with the local Windseeker Dragons, and their rules, while sharing many commonalities with the Ascensores Empire, are still their own separate society.


Feng, the Spirit Dragon, is not revered as a god, but instead respected as a father-like figure or guardian. No gods are acknowledged or actively worshiped either. Windseeker lifestyle instead focuses on meditation and becoming attuned to the wind. Those that become skilled in this meditation are able to control the direction of the wind which is absolutely essential in ensuring a safe flight when flying a dragon - to avoid and escape storms in particular.

Rite of Passage

At the age of 12, one becomes eligible for the rite of passage to adulthood where the Windseekers prepare themselves to ascend the Eyrie itself to retrieve a magical scale from Feng himself. They must do this task alone. The second phase of these trials involves the candidate choosing a dragon to anoint with the magical scale to allow them to soar across the seas. After the candidate chooses the dragon, they must fly the dragon to the mainland and bring back something of value.


Early history

Sometime when the evil Yugo lay siege to Shuang, one of the surviving Spirit Dragons named Feng fled to the northeast attempting to leave the continent altogether, but was too exhausted to go any further than a small, uninhabited island just off the western coast. It is here where Feng made his home, trying to hide from Yugo until he disappeared.

On the island, Feng discovered the Windseeker Dragons and the native Palvari Tribe. The two had coexisted peacefully for some time until an unexpected plague wiped off the population of Land Manatees which the dragons had relied on for food for so long. However, the Windseekers' wings were too small to fly to the mainland, and thus out of desperation, begun to attack the tribe's own livestock. The hostility escalated until Feng's intervention. He settled the disputes by granting a magical scale to Windseeker dragons whom he deemed worthy. These scales would allow their wings to grow larger in mid-flight so that they could muster the strength to bring food from the main continent. As a result, this led to a reformation of Palvari culture where the humans and dragons worked together to survive.

Demon Wars

After hearing of the invasion by the demon Abraxas on the mainland, the Palvari Tribe faced a crisis. Though the Windseeker dragons could travel to and from the mainland, with the entire continent under siege, it came time to flee to the distant continent of Khyorgan. A being known as the Freelancer approached the Palvari Tribe in search of an Aard'Vorn known as the Seasoul. The Palvari Tribe agreed to help the Freelancer find it, but in exchange, the Freelancer had to promise to help the Palvari Tribe find a new home.