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Born Dawn of Time

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Vernietigen (other names Destruction, Ragnarok, End of All Things) is the incarnation of the wrath of the Great Spirit. He is the destroyer sent to end the universe should a War Between Gods break out. Vernietigen's true form is incomprehensible to humans as he represents what does not exist. However, if he must communicate with humans, he takes on the shape of a featureless, shadowy humanoid inside a white void. He emerges into the Realm of Light through a phenomenon known as the Rupture that will pour out darkness across the universe.

Vernietigen is intrinsic to the balance of the Sol Cluster. Just as the Great Spirit is an aspect of the light, Vernietigen is an aspect of the dark. One cannot exist without the other. Because Vernietigen inherently represents destruction itself, it cannot be destroyed because it is destruction.

The prophecy of Vernietigen's return traces back all the way to the era of the first dreamwalkers. A war between the Zula and Goar threatened to destroy humanity. Thus, the Great Spirit banished the Goar - the perpetrators of the war - to leave, while the Zula self-imposed their own exile as they held themselves responsible for causing the war to escalate. The Great Spirit, however, warned the remaining humans that if they choose to create gods that start another cataclysmic war, then Vernietigen will be sent forth to pass judgment on all humanity.