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Uszaroth is a Mavetian known for his non-conformist attitude. He is known for inspiring the movement known as the Cult of Uszaroth.


Uszaroth loathes any sort of rules. He seeks to cause grief to whomever he desires, but always wants to do it humorously in order to enjoy a good laugh. He teaches others to do the same.


Uszaroth ascended to Titanhood when Krayhan granted him extra powers to act as his advisor and stern judge to the Vaikan.

Being 100 feet tall in his true form, Uszaroth has blood red skin and a slinky, thin body along with a set of horns. He is the Titan of Chaos and simply wants to make the universe more interesting by enforcing evil and causing destruction for fun. To achieve this, he has the ability to leap from planet to planet, and he can create objects such as obsidian towers and castles from nothingness.

Long ago, when the Vaikan were tribal, Uszaroth was Krayhan's personal servant and advisor. Uszaroth suggested that he introduce his own ideas, but Krayhan did not approve of them at first. Due to disagreements, Uszaroth was cast down and removed from his position.

Thousands of years after this, Uszaroth descended to Ucharpli in the form of a Vaikan with red scales to spread his own word to compete with Jamzeze. Eventually, tension between the factions grew resulting in a war. The followers of Jamzeze were the victors and Uszaroth was banished to the Infernal Nether, a prison on the planet of Alk'charis.

Several thousand years later, some Vaikan performed a ritual to unleash him to wander about the galaxy, but he has since been trapped in another alternate dimension that was created by an ancient Omni warp machine.