United Communes Defence Force

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United Communes Defence Force
Ul'ussi Vash'acim (Maviba)
Founded 25 Kalleris 493 TE
Service branches United Communes Army
United Communes Navy
United Communes Marine Corps
Headquarters Starbase 2, Brihesh
Chairman of the Vashkurum Paron Vakat
Presiding Secretary for Defence Halor atByrish
Military age 13 years[1]
Conscription Partial (MPTD)
Active personnel 1.1 billion (Anaris 542)
Reserve personnel 286 million (Anaris 542)

The United Communes Defence Force (Maviba: Ul'ussi Vash'acim) is the military organisation responsible for the defence of the United Communes. Its four service branches include the United Communes Army, United Communes Navy and United Communes Marine Corps. The Defence Force has a strength of around 2 billion full-time personnel and active reservists. It is led by the Vashkurum, an elected military council, and is also supported by the United Communes Secretariat for Defence and several other civilian agencies.

For the first five centuries of the United Communes' existence, the United Communes Interstellar Corps provided for the national defence in addition to its primary role as an exploration fleet. However, discovery of the ongoing Buyuk Wars in the mid-5th century TE resulted in the need for a more dedicated and far larger military force. In 493 TE, the Ulustash authorised a policy of remilitarisation by introducing a series of amendments to the United Communes Charter, establishing the Vashkurum and empowering it with command over the armed forces. By 500 TE, the Military Personnel Training Department was formed, charged with genetically engineering , raising and training specially bred individuals for service as enlisted and non-commissioned officers.

The United Communes Defence Force is technologically sophisticated, but is relatively small compared to counterparts such as the Karalian Legion and Eteno Military Forces. Nonetheless, it is supported by a significant defence budget and is highly versatile and flexible, able to deploy to many locations across the galaxy.


  1. MPTD: 5 years for initiation, 10 years to serve, 13 years to deploy on operations