Topvenam Enyo

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The terms Topvenam Enyo (TE) and Anda Keshif (AK) are used to label or number years in the Kerinian calendar. Topvenam Enyo is Mavibi and translates to "The year of mastery of the stars", while Anda Keshif means "Before Keshif", the first artificial satellite launched in Darsi history. The calendar was proposed by historian Kerini olVeran in 352 TE, and became popular by 374; the government of the United Provinces officially adopted the calendar on the first day of 380 TE.

This calendar era is based on the year the Darsa first launched craft into space, with TE counting years from the start of this epoch, and AK denoting years before the start of the era.

Prior to the conception and subsequent adoption of the Kerina calendar, the many nations throughout Darsi history used a wide variety of different eras and calendars to denote their history. One of these, the Mavibi calendar, numbered years from the traditional year of Maviba's foundation. It became the unofficial global standard in the mid-1st century AK, when the Darsi League was founded with Maviba at the helm. When the Kerinian calendar was proposed, the official numbering of the year was 5271 AVE.