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Star Akrioon
Type Artificial
Satellites 1
Gravity 1.1 G
Orbital distance 1 AU
Day length 23.98 hours
Year length 365.25 days
Diameter 7,000 miles/11,265.408 km
Axial tilt 23.5°
Average 30℃/86℉
Minimum -10℃/14℉
Maximum 40℃/104℉
Composition 75% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen, 2% Carbon Dioxide, 3% Other gases
Surface pressure 1 atm

Technosilis is a massive spherical artificial construct being 7,000 miles in diameter which makes it big enough to be classified as a planet. The planet currently orbits the yellow main sequence star Akrioon at a distance of 1AU.


Technosilis is made entirely of an alloy of steel, diamond and Dragonrock making it a floating gem. The outer hull is covered in skyscrapers that stand over 3 miles high, and entangling them are bridges and roads. The bases of the skyscrapers are very dark blocked from sunlight. At the planet's core is a ball of plasma which serves as the planet's heat source second to its star. Many elements are formed in the core to make a nearly infinite amount of resources. It was believed that Technosilis was built to surround a brown dwarf, eventually "devouring" it and reducing it to its core.

The planet itself is also sentient, as there is a hyper-advanced supercomputer that maintains the station and its atmosphere. It can also move the planet around in the case that Akrioon goes supernova. This computer is said to communicate with the inhabitants through the mind. However, this computer refuses to speak directly with researchers.

Technosilis supports an atmosphere of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and traces of other gases. It also has weather systems, but they are often subtle, and are not visible from space.


Not much is known about this location.