Story:Quetzalcoatl and the Quipu

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Quetzalcoatl and the Quipu
DW Mountain.png
Written 19 October 2019
Wordcount 328
Character(s) Quetzalcoatl, Quipu
Location Lusderra

Quetzalcoatl laughed from his cage.

The beings around him had tried to get rid of him for millennia. Yet here he stayed. The reptilian observers watching him through slit-pupils, shaking their chest-feathers in disgust.

The Quipu civilisation had taken down metabeings before, some far more powerful than the drained and captured Quetzalcoatl they had in front of them, but this case was different...

When the Quipu first interacted with the Sol cluster they had visited a continent and helped the inhabitants forwards to complex civilisation - forwards to dreamwalking. They would have only had to wait centuries and with their help the Conetl, now known as Humans, would have achieved a glorious harvest of energy. The loop would have been reset. The mission would have continued.

But then the war... the cracking of Lusderra... the Zula and Goar... Retreats had to be made, missions abandoned.

But the imprint was left.

The Conetl took the images of the Quipu - used them in their stories and even worshipped an idol that resembled them, among others.

Quetzalcoatl was born.

Perhaps not immediately, but that is when the imprint coalesced.

When the Quipu finally returned they found the malformed mirror of their essence standing over the harvest. But it did not stand with open arms - it was protecting these people, helping them. He opposed the Quipu and their aims.

To the Conetl he represented the winds and learning. To the Quipu he represented unintended consequences. Failure. Shame. Betrayal.

And there lay the problem.

Quetzalcoatl was no longer just a metabeing for the Conetl, he was a metabeing for the Quipu as well. Despite their level of detachment to the psychic forces of the universe, the Quipu now had a face for their devil. They would do anything to destroy him.

But Quetzalcoatl simply laughed behind his mask.

He was tied too closely to them now - The Quipu would have to go almost extinct before he died... not that some weren’t considering that approach... Template:Lusderra