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The Sterility Plague was an event that brought the fall of the First Galactic Senate approximately 800 years before the Battle of Locubrermour. It was an artificial creation by the Hunre Empire in an attempt to cripple the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation. However, the plague spread across most of the galaxy, reaching out to the majority of spacefaring species. Due to the differing biologies between species, the sterility plague had different effects.

Affected species

Rendered unable to reproduce

These species were not only rendered unable to reproduce, but also unable to clone.

Rendered unable to reproduce, but still able to clone

Though unable to reproduce, these species could still survive via cloning.

Dramatically reduced birthrates

These species can reproduce normally, but embryo viability is drastically reduced.

Immune species

These species, while they were hit with the Sterility Plague, suffered no ill-effects.