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The Sol Cluster is a cluster that is home to humans, Earth and its myriad of dreamworlds. The Great Spirit oversees the happenings and structure of the Sol Cluster.


Sol Cluster
A map of the Sol Cluster

The Sol Cluster is centered around the yellow main sequence star Sol from which the Sol Cluster is named. Sol is orbited by eight planets as well as numerous dwarf planets, planetoids and asteroids. The third planet Earth is a Gyrus node where the World Tree is found. This World Tree connects the different dream worlds together and provides paths that a dreamwalker can travel. It is not known whether the Sol Cluster extends to only the solar system or the entire physical universe. Distances in the Sol Cluster when it comes to dreamwalking are considered relative.

The Sol Cluster is generally divided into two spheres comprised of positive and negative emotions respectively - the Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness. The Realm of Light consists of areas that the World Tree and the Gyrus has contact with. The light is associated with the emotions of hope and optimism. Beyond the Realm of Light is the Realm of Darkness from which unpleasant emotions such as fear and uncertainty are associated. It is also the realm from which Id are able to enter the Sol Cluster.

The Realm of Light and Realm of Darkness are interwoven together with a structure like a sponge. Many smaller pathways known as dark corridors exist that a dreamwalker can travel through to remain hidden from the light. However, immersing oneself in the Realm of Darkness is incredibly dangerous as one becomes flooded with negative emotions and nightmares. It takes intense mental discipline to be able to withstand the effects of the Realm of Darkness.

Dark corridors, while usually only large enough for a single human or other similarly sized entity to pass through, can sometimes swell in size to become a Rupture. Ruptures are enormous dark corridors that herald the invasion of Id across all worlds of the Sol Cluster before eventually consuming everything within the Realm of Light. There have only been two Ruptures in the history of the Sol Cluster - once during the war between the Zula and Goar and another during the War Between Gods in 1999.


While Earth has the strongest gyrus connection, the other planets also give off their own faint signals. Astrologers have learned to channel these signals to use in their dreamwalking magicks.




Main article: Earth (Dreamwalkers)

Earth is the homeworld of humanity. It is orbited by The Moon. The presence of humans on Earth is what spawned the structure of the World Tree.






Dream worlds

There are thousands of dream worlds that are connected to Earth and the other planets. Dream worlds orbit their planets like smaller satellites. The physical distance between dream worlds and their anchor planet is considered irrelevant as it works differently from standard Euclidean geometry. However, dream worlds do have a proximity to the Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness. A dream worlds distance to either realm is often an indicator as to the emotional atmosphere of the dream. Dreams that are well within the Realm of Light tend to be positive and happier. However, dreams that are close to or inside of the Realm of Darkness are highly vulnerable to Id invasions.


The fundamental forces that allow for dreamwalking magic in the Sol Cluster are rooted in projections of various human emotions, thoughts and concepts. All magic in the Sol Cluster is divided into three schools: Environmental, Perception and Spatial. The blue sap of the World Tree is thought to be the primordial form of magic waiting to take shape into one or more various forms.


Environmental magic involves the manipulation of physical attributes. It is divided into four elements. They are the raw forces that comprise a dream world's appearance. Wielding the different types of magic requires experiencing and controlling the associated emotions. Environmental magic can be used in conjunction with spatial magic to apply positive or negative connotations, but the emotions associated with environmental magic do not carry any inherit positive or negative connotations in of themselves.

  • Fire - Fire represents knowledge and passion.
  • Wind - Wind represents freedom and exploration.
  • Water - Water represents grace and finesse.
  • Earth - Earth represents strength and nature.


Perception magic controls how real or imaginary an object is. Perception is much more logically and mathematically oriented than the other schools of magic. As such, perception magic was the first to be understood by the scientific community during the creation of the Dreamwalking Thesis.

  • Illusion - Making reality unreal. Illusion is used to create more fantastical, whimsical dream worlds.
  • Conjuration - Making the unreal a reality. Conjuration brings fantastical elements into reality and binds them more closely to the laws of physics.


Spatial magic uses the raw primal opposing forces that are the Realm of Light and Realm of Darkness. Becoming a master of one is difficult, but mastering both is considered legendary. However, both forces are considered the root of the moral framework. Spatial magic can be used to apply "flavor" to environmental magic, but are frequently seen in their raw forms.

  • Light - Light represents optimism, hope and what is seen. Light magic is considered ideal and virtuous as mastery of it is a path to finding inner peace. Light magic is the key ingredient to normal dreamwalking.
  • Dark - Dark represents solemness, acceptance and what is hidden. Dark magic is highly feared because of how much it deals with the occult and negative emotions. Dark magic is the key ingredient to nightmarewalking.