Shunketsu Station

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Shunketsu Station was a ring-shaped station built from an asteroid orbiting Ner'Ackarra. It was once a major capital for the Twin Hearts Nebula. It maintained a gravity of 1.1 G through rotation connected to the moon's surface via a space elevator.

Shunketsu Station was shaped like a ring with its inner areas covered mostly in greenery and farmland with a cultural life style adopting neo-medievalism. It was considered a world of its own due to how drastically different it is from the urbanized settlements on the moon's surface which endured the razing of the War Between Vaikan States. However, it did not survive the supernova of Eye of Uszaroth. The gamma radiation caused the station to malfunction and result in a decaying orbit.

Points of interest

Shunketsu Castle

Shunketsu Castle was the largest construction on the ring.