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Shifters are bizarre beings in that their true origins are unknown. They possess characteristics of spirits, ego and Id, but at the same time are none of those things. Instead, they are classified as their own beings entirely.

Shifters grow in power and intelligence by consuming other beings, absorbing their memories and personalities. Shifters can even consume dreamwalkers - even though it kills the human, their personality remains preserved, and to some, it is considered a form of reincarnation.

Shifters can take the form of anything they see or remember. It is not known what a Shifter’s native form looks like as every Shifter has their own preferred appearance resulting in a relative lack of uniformity among them. Most Shifters however often take the form of something they’ve consumed.

The Shifters, being few in number after a case of mass cannibalism, have chosen to live by an orderly, structured society with a strict series of laws to ensure the survival of their species. Shifters have managed to establish themselves a society over the years.