Second Karalian Empire

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Second Karalian Empire
Setting: Galactic Crucibles
Twin Hearts Nebula, Inner Far South Arm
Capital Shunketsu Station, Jaran
Official languages Luuschtuntski, Yallvus Talk, Jaranese
Species Vaikan, Eteno
Demonym Karalian
Government Constitutional monarchy, empire
• Leader
Rustiagon Ardan
 • Size 1 system
 • Estimate 3 trillion

The Second Karalian Empire was founded following the supernova of the Eye of Uszaroth. The entirety of the Karalian Empire consolidated into the Jar system forcing a complete reform of the government.



Population control

Invented during the golden age of the Senate, Jaran's state of the art medical technology has allowed an individual's brain data to be fully integrated with a cloud server. That is, even if someone were die, they could be brought back to life via a 3D printed reconstruction while the consciousness is downloaded into the new body. The technology was only experimental but saw rapid development after the Anathema began to invade as an emergency program in the event of the total destruction of the Crucible Galaxy - if everyone were to die, there would be a backup for minds from all over the galaxy to restart civilization again.

Roving nomadic bands that have only heard stories of Jaran's technology refer to the place as a City of Immortals or as some sort of mystical afterlife. However, this technology has come with significant consequences.

Jaran grew to a planet-city to accommodate the vast number of refugees fleeing from both the Anathema and the Eye of Uszaroth supernova. Over 100 years, the population increased by 900%. This resulted in drastic new laws being put into place.

A commodity on Jaran is literal life insurance. If you were to die by an accident, you would be funded the ability to come back to life. Otherwise, it would be an out of pocket expense. However, permanent death and suicide is illegal. Anyone who chooses to become a citizen of Jaran will have their brain data permanently backed up and will be unable to die. Despite this, if you can't pay, you'll be put into limbo until someone is willing to pay for you to be revived.

An offspring tax is in place. The more children you have, the more you have to pay for space. More than 75% of citizens in Jaran do not have children.

Because the death penalty has been banned on Jaran, the punishment for severe crimes is to be put in a limbo state. A person's body is either destroyed or put into stasis while the mind goes dormant for a certain amount of time. Many criminals, instead of going dormant, are instead linked to a VR prison - a self-contained virtual world with warden programs that prevent them from leaving until woken up from the outside. An unintended side effect is that after waking up from prison, many criminals begin to suffer VR sickness where they have trouble distinguishing reality from the virtual.

VR real-estate has also become commonplace. A large portion of the population can now spend time in extensive VR communities doing all business within the virtual world. Some have found this far preferable to the real-world.

The population increase of Jaran and over industrialization has lead to a deterioration in the local ecology. In the most developed parts of Jaran, littering is considered a serious offense that could result in jail time. In the post Anathema era, the Karalian Empire in spite of its diminished influence is seeking to expand the immortality network to beyond the Jar system in an effort to preserve as many lives as they can. A few of these reconstruction stations have even been established in neighboring systems. Even space pirates have made use of the system to come back to life in the event they get caught in an unfortunate firefight that ends their life.