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The Primanna is a Cluster containing the worlds of Coracan, Serulus, Lupus Mundi, Theogerousia and other minor dreamworlds.


Map of the Primanna.png
Coracan is at the centre of the Primanna, being contained in a physical world like the one Earth is in. Theogerousia orbits close by, while Lupus Mundi is at the edge of the Primanna, where the Primanna's branch of the Gyrus meets the main part of it. The Primanna's worlds are bound together in a way that resembles gravitational attraction.

As a whole, the Primanna can be divided into three 'spheres': the nucleus in the centre, the middle sphere, and the rimdreams on the border with the main part of the Gyrus.


Coracan and Serulus exist in the middle of Primanna. This part of the Primanna is the most physically consistent and by far the largest, possibly being infinite.


Main article: Coracan

Coracan is an old world, the nucleus of the Primanna. This is the first place that humans existed within the Primanna.


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Middle Sphere

Main article: Theogerousia

This region of the Primmana hosts many well-established dreamworlds and is usually quite stable. Theogerousia, the home of the Metaparliament (which governs the metabeings of the Primanna) is located here. Worlds in the middle sphere and out are generally referred to as dreamworlds.

Close to the nucleus, dreamworlds are more like Coracan or Earth and closer to the rim they become stranger.


The Rimdreams are the strangest and most loosely-bound worlds of the Primanna. These worlds are rarely visited, which is usually the reason they are so far out; their lack of attention causes them to drift away and decay. Sometimes they were launched outwards in chaotic events (as happened during the Sagambel), not unlike an asteroid being flung out of a solar system.

Occasionally, a Gyrus crumb, a kind of half-world within the gyrus, can fall into the Primanna. Just as often, a dreamworld can move in the opposite direction and get flung out into the Gyrus proper.

Lupus Mundi

Main article: Lupus Mundi

Lupus Mundi, the realm of the Kalengnam, one of the Metaparliament's Triarchs, although a Primanna rimdream, is closely bound to Coracan due to the actions of the Kalengnam. Lupus Mundi orbits orbits at the very edge of the Primanna and, because it has a stable connection to Coracan, it is often used as a jumping-off point to other parts of the Gyrus.

Map of the Primanna.png

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