President of the Toplanta

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President of the Interstellar Council
Toplanti Bardaron
Emblem of the Darsa Commonwealth.svg
Emblem of the United Provinces
Flag of Darya.svg
Flag of the United Provinces
Rohan ol'Eron
since Novi'enyo 544 TE
Style President (in Toplanta)
Their Excellency (in international correspondence)
Member of Interstellar Council of the United Provinces
Term length 1 Darya year
rotates among Councillors

The President of the Interstellar Council is the presiding officer of the Toplanta, the executive council of the United Provinces of Darya. The President is a member of the Council who serves as a neutral discussion moderator during meetings of the Toplanta. The Presidency rotates among the elected Councillors annually. The current president, Communalist Rohan ol'Eron, has served since Novi'enyo 544 TE.