Phoenix Psionics

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The Phoenix Psionics were an American unit that fought against the Japanese Empire in World War II. They were compromised entirely of Ahona descendant soldiers with the ability to dreamwalk. The Phoenix Psionics were created to combat the Yumekage, a group of Japanese ninjas who were said to have been responsible for mind-based attacks on US Marines at Okinawa in 1945. Lacking the means to scientifically understand the source of these attacks, the US Military turned to the Ahona for aid.

Dreamwalking at the time however was poorly understood. Although Albert Einstein had offered his own explanations as to how it worked, he was too busy working on the Manhattan Project to devote enough time to study dreamwalking in depth. As a result, the US government was forced to rely on what seemed to be an actual documented case of a supernatural event that was beyond scientific explanation.

The Phoenix Psionics would intercept spying attempts and also do spiritual battles within Yumekage strongholds. Although their efforts were mostly unnoticed by the public - given that the idea of dreamwalking was very unfamiliar to most everyone else - their efforts were nonetheless recognized. A memorial in Phoenix was dedicated to them.