Otan olFuror

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Councillor The Honourable Dr
Otan olFuror
Born 24 Kaleris 500 TE
Appat, Myafal
United Provinces
Alma mater University of Appat (BA, MEd)
University of Monba (PhD)
Occupation Historian
Species Darsa
Parents Furor olTani
Karmal olBenzhi

Otan olFuror (born 24 Kaleris 500 TE) is a Darsi historian, teacher, politician and diplomat serving in the Interstellar Council of the United Provinces since 531 TE. They are also the Head of the United Provinces Delegation to the Galactic Senate and the Council's representative in the United Provinces Secretariat for Foreign Affairs, having served in these capacities since 541 TE. Otan is also a prominent member of the Communalist Party of Darya, having twice served as President of the Montash in 527 and 529 before being elected to the Council in the 530 federal election.

Otan graduated from the University of Appat with a Bachelor of Arts and later a Masters of Education, after which they became a history teacher in Myafal schools for five years. They were then accepted into the University of Monba, where they attained their PhD and became a research historian as well as a professor of history at the University of Appat.

In 520, 20-year-old Otan registered for the 360th Convocation of the Montash, and joined the Communalist Party in 521. They were first elected to the Standing Committee in 524. Thereafter, Otan was reelected six times, and became President in 527. They won the Presidency again in 529 before resigning on 8 Sularis as they prepared to campaign for their home system's seat on the Interstellar Council. They won their seat in the 530 federal election, and were officially sworn in with their fellow Councillors on Novi'enyo 531.

In their first year, they were appointed to the Education Secretariat, and remained in this post for the next eight years before transferring to the Secretariat for Foreign Affairs, simultaneously taking up the office of Head of the Galactic Senate Delegation. They are due to become President of the Toplanta in 543 TE, when the presidency will rotate from incumbent Rohan olEron to them.