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Omni 01 is the prime universe of Galactic Crucibles.


Omni 01 has numerous similarities to our universe such as the laws of physics and the positions of galaxies. However, Omni 01's variables to the Drake equations are drastically different causing many planets and stars to be different - allowing for many spacefaring civilizations to rise up at once. While it may or may not be perfectly compatible with real science, the reality of Omni 01 is based on speculative science from the early 21st century.


Omni 01 is 13 billion years old. It was created by supradimensional beings known as Titans who had a hand in creating the intergalactic civilization known as the Empire of Arckas. The Empire of Arckas had nearly caused a premature heat death due to the massive consumption of power by their technology forcing them to abandon their work and settle other universes that were far more forgiving with the laws of thermodynamics.


All galaxies found within Omni 01 can also be found in our universe.

Virgo Supercluster

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Perseus-Pisces Supercluster

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