Nicodemus Smith

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Nicodemus Smith
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Born 1990s, Bielefeld, Germany
Nationality German
Citizenship German
Organization SomniCorps
Home town Bielefeld
Species Human
Abilities Is blind, but can see using mystic abilities. Can easily read peoples' intentions.

Nicodemus Smith was the first director of SomniCorps. Born in Germany, Smith became permanently blind as a child due to an unknown accident. He was later taken to local mystics who taught him how to see into the dream worlds, and he later developed that skill to allow him to see into the real world. Rather than normal color vision, Nicodemus sees the auras of living beings. Combined with his adept sense of hearing, his vision is essentially indistinguishable from normal vision with the added bonus of him being able to easily read people's intentions.

A young Nicodemus in his twenties assisted Charlotte Beaumont in locating both Prometheus and Lucifer. They had their differences, but they worked together strongly. After Charlotte went into a coma, Nicodemus did everything he can to find a way to wake her up, collaborating with Gabriela Ore.

When Charlotte awoke, Nicodemus realized she had changed. He sensed her aura to be very different and as a result, became a bit distrustful of her. After the Dreamwalking Thesis was published, Nicodemus was appointed director of SomniCorps for his experience in dreamwalking.