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General information
Status Rare
Native to Ucharpli
Size <1m tall
Diet Omnivorous
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 90 years
Description Silver-plated exoskeleton

The Muruu-kai was a sapient species native to the planet Ucharpli. While they appear as short Vaikan-esque creatures, the two are considered different species. However, both belong to the same genus.


Muruu-kai stand less than one meter tall and have large brow ridges. It is speculated that they were covered in significantly more hair as they lived on an isolated group of islands in the Polar Seas, where several species such as the Yoltox grew to enormous sizes.

Muruu-kai had to hunt cooperatively to take down these opponents.

Although they are no taller than a young Vaikan child, their brains are complex, suggesting that their patterns of thinking were vastly different than that of the Vaikan.


The earliest evidence of their existence arose through folktales from Frostwater natives, describing tiny people that raided their villages. Until fossilized remains were discovered on islands nearby, these rumors were largely dismissed as myth.

While several more skeletons were found for the next few years, invasion by the Sinister Hegemony about 7,000 years before the Battle of Domum Regimen was thought to have rendered them extinct. However, a small population still survived on remote islands. However, the Muruu-kai were hostile towards the visiting scientists and were left in isolation.

After the Eye of Uszaroth supernova, only a handful of Muruu-kai were rescued from the impending gamma radiation.