Morley Calavera

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Morley Calavera
Known for Stopping Vernietigen
Species Spirit
Spouse(s) Mariposa Calavera

Morley Calavera is the spirit of a sorcerer that died in the 1880s. He pledged himself that even in death, he would still serve the Ahona. He is a member of the Ahona Guardians, and he helped Maria Martines stop Vernietigen.


Morley wears a long black and purple robe. He has a skull for a head although he still possesses eyeballs. He wields a specially made Ahona staff.


Morley enjoys being dramatic and over the top not unlike a stage performer. He is impulsive and quick to act, yet very chivalrous and polite. He is very nostalgic for the old ways longing for the more adventurous age of the Wild West as he remembers it.



Morley is an expert in fire and wind magic. He is in many ways a glass cannon. Although he does not have the greatest resiliency in battle, he has a plethora of powerful combat spells in his arsenal.