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Nation of Meryo
Meryo Minjyo (Meryo)
Meryo Milus (Mavibi)
Setting: Galactic Crucibles
Hongi Minga (Meryo)
"Live and work for the benefit of all"
Capital Hōjo
Official languages Meryo
Religions Sommizol
Demonym Meryo
Government Nation of Darya Province
• Chairman of the Governorate
Sorako Yuka
• Chairman of the General Assembly
Gomanko Ganha
• Chairman of the National Court
Haneko Hana
 • Upper house Governorate
 • Lower house General Assembly
• First Unification
4400 AK
• Mēra of Hōjo becomes Emperor
4310 AK
• Meryo Revolution
583–579 AK
• Unification of Darya
Novi'enyo 160 TE
 • 544 TE estimate 487 million
Currency Darsi Orya

Meryo, officially the Nation of Meryo (Meryo: Meryo Minjyo), is one of the 76 Milus (Nations) of Darya. It is a partially autonomous subdivision of Darya Province, though it is also subordinate to the Continental Authority of Maran. Meryo is home to around 487 million people, and as such is one of the most highly populated of the Milus.

Prior to the unification of Darya, Meryo was administered by the sovereign Empire of Meryo, a monarchy which lasted for more than 4,000 years, and was considered to be one of Darya's major powers. The Hōjo dynasty, beginning with Emperor Mēra in 4310 AK, occupied the single most enduring political institution in Darsi history. It remained an absolute monarchy until the Meryo Revolution of 583 AK, after which it became one of the first countries on Darya to adopt a written constitution. The Imperial Constitution of 579 AK became one of the most important influences on the modern United Provinces Charter. Under the government of Āmanko Senin from 158 to 160 TE, Meryo became one of the most vocal supporters of Darsi unification, which was achieved on Novi'enyo 160, upon which the Empire ceased to exist.