Mavibi language

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Mavibi language
Pronunciation /mävɯbɯ/
Native to Maviba
Region Far North Arm
Ethnicity Darsa
Language family
Early forms
Old Mavibi
  • Middle Mavibi
    • Early Modern Mavibi
Writing system Union Script
Official status
Official language in Flag of Darya.svg United Provinces of Darya
Regulated by United Provinces Council for the Darsa Languages

The Mavibi language (Maviba: Mavibi Ilham) is a Darsi language that is mainly spoken in the Central Far North Arm. The first language of about 186 billion people galaxy-wide, it is the most widely spoken official language in the United Provinces of Darya. The languages which are most similar to Mavibi are the other members of the East Monbana language branch. Mavibi is the most widely spoken Darsi language.

Maviba derives most of its vocabulary from the Domkaba branch of the Korata language family, with other major influences including the Monbana and Malor languages. Karnasaur presence in early Darsi history is also evident through the occurrence of Saurien-derived vocabulary and grammar in the Mavibi language. A small portion of Mavibi words are also borrowed from Luuschtuntski and Ihapukh. Mavibi is notable for its broad spectrum of dialects, with many unique varieties existing in the United Provinces and also other parts of the galaxy.