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The Matangan are a species of humanoid bionics native to the Whetu-Nui Satellite Galaxy. They range in many different builds and heights but they share similar operating systems and thought patterns. Their ancestral home is the planet Aoturoa, a planet that was once in the binary star system Rangi. After a Tangata named Ra-Kai devoured one of their stars, the Mantangan spent the next decades formulating a plan that would allow them to successfully capture Ra-Kai and ride it to other star systems to avoid larger Tangata.

The Matangan are one of the few known advanced civilizations within the Whetu-Nui Satellite Galaxy, having developed a confederation of different tribes with different specialties. While the different tribes live independently and have their own local culture, they share common ritual practices as well as a common language.

Matangan language usually consists of long strings of auditory signals and sound waves. While this is considered the basic version of the language, the holy dialects use direct transfer of information via signals akin to telepathy. These holy dialects are used between two individuals who have a strong bond with another as they have agreed to configure their network protocols to allow for such communication.

Matangan have cube-shaped cores which they believe to house their soul. These cores contain all their memories and experiences. When a Matangan dies, this core can release an encrypted backup to a server where they can be reincarnated. However, if the core is destroyed before this backup is sent, they perish forever.


The Matangan come to together for regular rituals to produce powerful warriors known as the Whetoa, heroes that seek to defend other Matangan from harm. Special monolithic structures known as Kahamana contain the knowledge and experiences of past Whetoa. Those chosen to become a Whetoa are to interact with the Kahamana and download all of their experiences and memories - an event which requires a great deal of spiritual preparation. The amount of information a new Whetoa receives can be very overwhelming as it pushes both their intelligence and physical strength to peak efficiency. Only through proper discipline can a Matangan properly wield the powers of a Whetoa.

Once a Whetoa has received the power of the Kahamana, they are tasked with not only learning from the experiences of the Whetoa before them, but to also forge their own experiences and memories to become a legend. Tasks for Whetoa include training with other Whetoa in competitive sports - to include gladiator matches in an arena where the last one standing becomes champion. Another type of challenge is for the individual to face off of alone against many different bionic creatures. While these practices are for the most part, violent bloodsports, the Matangan view it as spiritual events and training to adapt the body to the overwhelming number of programs and files received upon touching the Kahamana.

Out in the field, Whetoa usually go out on hunts for resources - sometimes involving taking down a Tangata that poses a threat to Ra-Kai. Other times, they stand ready to fight against hostile tribes or other aggressive bionics.

Overtime, in spite of a Whetoa mastering their powers, defragmentation and general degradation takes place from handling so much information. When a Whetoa is ready to retire their powers, they give up their abilities and send them back to the Kahamana network so that future Whetoa could learn from them. The Whetoa having become an ordinary Matangan again, usually takes the role as a village elder or a sage to become a teacher for future generations.