Maria Martines

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Maria Martines
SD MariaRender.png
Maria as she appears in Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent
Born 10 June 1980
Nationality American
Citizenship American
Known for Stopping Vernietigen
Species Human
Height 167 cm or 5'5"
Parents Xavier Martines and Jesusita Martines
Family Leopoldo Martines (grandfather), Elvira Martines (sister), Kyoko Fujiwara (grandmother)

Maria Martines is a famous dreamwalker known for standing up against Vernietigen in 1999. Prior to this event, she lived with her grandfather Leopoldo "Leo" Martines who raised her after getting separated from her family after the SomniLabs Incident.

Maria was born with nonverbal autism. While she is considered high-functioning with above average intelligence as well as the ability to understand others, she herself cannot speak. Maria often chooses to communicate through gestures with occasional grunts and has spent many years developing a system that her grandfather can fluently understand. As such, her grandfather often continues to serve as her guardian and translator even in her adulthood.


Maria has fair skin, auburn hair, green eyes and a slim, athletic build. She often wears a red blouse and a skirt with black tights, brown boots and gloves.


Maria would describe herself as a happy loner. While she is shy and timid around others, she finds herself content being by herself lost in the worlds that she comes up with. She is highly fond of painting and other visual arts as she sees it as the best way to communicate her thoughts.

Given her inability to speak, she often resorts to making exaggerated facial expressions and gestures to talk with others. She has a goofy, cartoonish sense of humor occasionally making sound effects of her own during her gestures. While she's often been called weird and even a mime, she often plays it off as if it's part of a joke. However, Maria is very open and honest with her grandfather, the only person which she trusts to express her true feelings. Many times, she feels overwhelmed and stressed out by extensive social interactions given that socially awkward scenarios are virtually unavoidable. She is most comfortable with communicating with those who are already aware of her condition.


Maria was born on 10 June, 1980 to Xavier and Jesusita Martines, two scientists at SomniLabs that created the dream world Mobius, the first dream world under peer review and experiments. Despite her remarkable natural born dreamwalking abilities - having descendant from both the Ahona peoples and the Yumekage - she was often singled out and overlooked by her strict father in favor of her sister Elvira Martines. Elvira, while having almost the same dreamwalking potential as Maria, was favored as she was able to learn much faster. Maria's inability to speak was often seen as a setback by her father who made little effort to work around it.

The treatment of the two became a point of contention in Maria's family. Maria's mother Jesusita openly expressed her disapproval of Xavier's methods and demanded Maria be treated fairly. However, before the drama could be resolved, the SomniLabs Incident took place. The dream world of Mobius became a battleground for the War Between Gods and Jesusita was a casualty. While Xavier and Elvira went off grid to continue their dreamwalking training, Maria was sent to live with her grandfather Leopoldo to live a life away from the world of dreamwalking.

When the Rupture appeared and threatened to destroy Earth, Leo had no choice but to expose Maria once more to the world of dreamwalking. After being mortally wounded by an Id that appeared in the wake of the Rupture, Leo reincarnated himself as a cat so that he could continue to look after Maria and see to her safety. From there, Leo and Maria went on a journey to find Xavier and Elvira - the two most powerful dreamwalkers on Earth at the time as well as the only ones who knew how to stop the Rupture.


Maria has the ability to construct dream worlds in a short amount of time. She demonstrated this with the creation of the Toy Box, a dream world that is home to incarnations of Maria's various imaginary friends and worlds. Thus, at an early age, she already demonstrated innate knowledge on how to use magic to create and manipulate environments. When it comes to combat, her favored weapon is a giant paintbrush which she uses as a blunt weapon. She also has control over light-based magic which can be used to repel or destroy Id.