Lupus Mundi

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Lupus Mundi or the Wolf World is a Primanna dream world. It is a small and undetailed world inhabited by Wolf-Id preying on uncomplex childhood fears. Young children are the most likely visitors to Lupus Mundi as they may accidentally dreamwalk into it. These visits are usually remembered only as night terrors; detailed memories of Lupus Mundi are rare because of the heightened fear children face when in it. It is the most-visited dreamworld as most people have been here accidentally at least once in their lives.


Lupus Mundi is smaller than most people think. People who go there generally run in circles. Lupus Mundi also has a limited amount of detail to go round, so the detail is made to surround the dreamwalking children.

Lupus Mundi is primarily covered by forest, which is sometimes covered in snow.


The Kalengnam governs from a large ancient-looking, yet out-of-place, stone temple-like structure in a giant, flat, forest clearing. Inside, it appears as a two-storey modern home with interior balconies, over-sized stairs and a giant, round, hearth with a roaring fire.

The hearth functions as a direct gateway into the Gyrus, and can also display messages contained within ischerite crystals as three-dimensional holograms of flame.


Lupus Mundi is governed by the Kalengnam, the wisest and original Wolf and one of the Triarchs of the Primanna.

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