List of provinces, territories and dependencies of Darya

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The United Provinces of Darya is a federal republic consisting of 58 provinces, 14 territories, and five major dependencies. All Darsi space is located within the Central Far North Arm.

Provinces are the primary administrative subdivisions of the United Provinces, and are partially self-governing. All provinces have independent, internal governing structures which are responsible for legislating for their constituents. Provincial governments regulate intraprovincial commerce, run elections, and oversee lower-level governments, among many other responsibilities. All Darsi citizens living in the provinces are entitled to participate in sessions of the Montash, the United Provinces' directly democratic legislative body. The Montash also has the authority to admit new provinces into the Union, and to, with the consent of the provincial governments concerned, merge or divide existing provinces. Since the establishment of the United Provinces in 160 TE, the number of provinces has grown to 58; the overall size of Darsi space has more than quintupled since the United Provinces' foundation.

Dependencies are sovereign states which, while not part of the United Provinces, have ceded control to the UP government in such matters as defence and foreign affairs. While citizens and subjects of dependencies may sit in sessions of the Montash, they may not cast votes, and can only observe. They also cannot vote for Landon, as that right is reserved exclusively for Darsi citizens. Dependencies are sometimes labelled as protectorates, client or satellite states of the United Provinces, though, according to the UP Government, the relationship between the dependencies and the United Provinces is entered into voluntarily and can be terminated at any time by mutual agreement.

In addition to the 58 provinces, the United Provinces has sovereignty over 14 territories. Territories are administered directly by the federal government. Some territories include habitats and colonies not yet large enough to constitute a province; others are uninhabited, apart from non-permanent scientists. Others still are also restricted areas for military use.

Brihesh is the most populous province, with 14.2 billion residents (540 TE census); Myafal is the least populous, with 2.5 billion residents. The largest province by area is Brihesh, which covers the entirety of the Brihesh system. The smallest is Myafal, which only occupies a space with a radius of approximately 500,000 km. The oldest province is Darya, which was the first to ratify the United Provinces Charter in 160 TE. The newest province is Novikorat, which was admitted to the Union in 467 TE.


The table below lists the 58 provinces, with their current capital, largest city, the date they were admitted to the Union, population and area data.

This list is incomplete.

Provinces of the United Provinces of Darya
Province Mavibi Capital Provincehood (TE) Population (542 TE)
Akred'ya Novamar
Altya Altya 223 9,630,452,130
Arkuda Lemar 228 2,539,499,200
Atesh Tsydus 5 Anaris 160 7,364,299,670
Barayat Moforo 423 5,289,349,100
Bāgun Sekoya 323 3,692,142,300
Brihesh Klangar 202 14,264,187,400
Bulton Fahore 243 13,430,649,830
Damanus Damanus 249 10,539,230,740
Darya Maviba 1 Anaris 160 5,840,320,100
Hab'arci Toharas 13 Anaris 160 5,487,293,500
Kelvar Huhlar 323 4,538,293,180
Myafal Appat 238 2,534,631,200
Menekshe Novikorona 4 Anaris 160 7,302,883,190
Monba Novitorenya 210 6,353,295,600
Ney'ibalos Krilonos
Novikorat Ngangor 467 3,287,439,130
Orongong Marmat 358 6,348,299,520
Patmar Monba 446 9,538,293,500
Saf Nervat 35 Anaris 160 5,750,289,400
Sarasa Rahayo 258 6,349,230,560
Sartepel'ya Ngalamar
Takai Hēwa


Territories of the United Provinces of Darya
Territory Mavibi Capital Acquisition (TE) Population (542 TE) Nature
Delan Delan Navy Training Facility 382 1,649,203,500 Military territory
Harel Harel Navy Training Facility 271 3,638,293,100
Islin Islin Army Training Facility 354 1,534,299,300
Karecin Karecin Station 475 12,000 Research territory
Katya Katya Army Training Facility 342 2,530,498,200 Military territory
Merar Merar Navy Training Facility 438 896,579,200