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Star Altilium
Type Garden planet
Satellites Lecarud II
Gravity 1.1 G
Orbital distance 0.8 AU
Day length 19.1 hours
Year length 210 days
Diameter 13,023 km
Axial tilt 20.1°
Average 76.1° F
Minimum 0° F
Maximum 123° F
Composition 72% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 3% argon, 1% other
Surface pressure 1.9 atm
Population 5 billion

Lecarud is a garden world. It is home to a pre-space flight civilization known as the Tursu.


Lecarud has an atmosphere breathable to many carbon-based life forms, but appearances are deceiving. A high concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere was created by intense volcanic activity releasing sulfur dioxides and nitrogen dioxide into the air. As a result, Lecarud has not had rain with a neutral pH in at least several million years. On top of that, it is rare for the planet to experience a clear day as clouds of volcanic ash cover nearly the entire planet. The Tursu's industrial level technology has only added to this dreadful atmosphere, though the native life has adapted well in response.


Lecarud is covered in at least 76% water. However, these oceans are diluted with sulfuric acid as a result of the volcanism. The geography is mountainous covered in deserts and grasslands. The planet used to have rainforests in the distant past, but they have long since perished due to the atmosphere.


While Lecarud is considered dreadfully inhospitable, life not only survives, but thrives here. The native life has adapted to live in extremely acidic environments.

Standard non-native carbon-based life forms can survive on Lecarud, though touching water is lethal unless protective measures are undertaken.


Because of the near constant cloud cover of Lecarud, most plants primarily derive their nutrients from the soil. Carnivorous plants are extremely common as well.

  • Donku - A common tree analogue seen in temperate regions. When its bark gets broken, it secrets sap which like most life plants, is acidic.


Animals on Lecarud have extremely acidic blood, rather than a neutral pH as seen in most carbon-based life. To digest food, rather than acid, they rely on alkaline solution.


The Tursu are the intelligent race of Lecarud. They managed to build a vast industrial civilization, but have yet to achieve spaceflight.

Lecarud earned its infamy after a group of Vaikan and Eteno pirates raided the planet. However, these pirates were inexperienced, and their invasion was doomed from the start when they failed to adequately protect themselves from the acidic environment.