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Star Pagaro
Type Gas giant
Satellites 100+
Gravity N/A
Orbital distance 0.23 AU
Day length 10 hours
Year length 73 days
Diameter 160,534 km
Axial tilt 7.39°
Average 150 K
Minimum 145 K
Maximum 155 K
Composition 85% hydrogen, 14% helium, 1% other
Surface pressure 2.1 atm

Kuroga is an enormous gas giant with a ring system. Several times the mass of Jupiter, it contains more than 100 moons, the largest of which is the oceanic world Azima. Kuroga has large clouds of ammonia, and appears orange.

Physical characteristics

The atmosphere contains microbes which dwell within the ammonia clouds. It is believed that life on Azima originated from extremophiles from Kuroga.


  • Azima - Azima is Kuroga's largest moon. It is covered in ammonia oceans and receives tidal heating from Kuroga which keeps the moon at a stable, constant temperature.
  • Uketo - A large moon close to Kuroga in terms of orbit. Gravitational tides transform it into a world covered in volcanoes.
  • Maji - Maji is an ice covered moon. Gravitational pulls create geyser bursts of water which contain microbes. Below Maji's surface is a primitive underwater ecosystem subsisting on geothermal activity.