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Kristine Gisilfrid is the younger sister of Alban Gisilfrid, and a Lycanthrope, turned into one when a pack of werewolves attacked Gislitoft, not long before Alban was outcast. When Alban, Aria, and Kristine left the town, Alban and Aria quickly found out, during an ambush by bandits, that Kristine was a Lycanthrope.


Early Life

Kristine was born when Alban was around 4. During the course of Kristine's childhood, she was pretty close with her brother, who was, for a time, the only child in Gislitoft that treated Kristine with any kindness. Although her brother would protect her, she still never felt welcome in the port town.


When she was 9, and Alban was 13, Alban found a young moon elf unconscious on the outskirts of town. Kristine, and the rest of the family, were shocked when they heard Aria's story, and Kristine was one of the first to support Alban's suggestion that they take care of Aria.

Like Alban, Aria was one of the few who were kind to Kristine, giving her one more friend in the town.


When Kristine turned 13, a few days before Alban became 'officially' labeled an outcast, the town was attacked by a pack of werewolves. Kristine was out in one of the fields outside of town at the time, where she was a prime target for one of the werewolves. She was chased by it for some distance before being knocked to the ground and slashed by one of its claws in the torso (thus infecting her with lycanthropy). However, the only thing that spared her from being killed was the timely arrival of Aria and Alban, the former scorching it with a pair of magic missiles, drawing the werewolf's attention away, and Alban using a crossbow to deal the killing blow on the creature. However, Kristine, having read some lore on lycanthropy and knowing she could very well have obtain it, she hid the scares from the claw marks from them.

Days later, when Alban's lack of skill as a sailor caused him to be shunned from the community, Kristine, against her family's wishes (even those of the outcast Alban), adamantly decided to leave with him and Aria, claiming that everyone in town hated he anyways. She also didn't reveal that she likely became infected with lycanthropy, so she didn't want to ravage the town if the lycanthropy in question ever took hold, and that she felt better being with the only people who'd probably try to help her, before trying to kill her.




  • Kristine Gisilfrid is based on the Hellcat Squadran Wiki character Kristine Pahlke (with two of the most obvious differences being the change in age gap between her and her brother, and that ET Kristine is a Lycanthrope). Both were made by UserAbraxas the Fallen.