Krettin Thuro

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Krettin Thuro are tall, insectoid-like creatures that resemble 4-armed, humanoid mantises. They are native to the icy northern reaches of Eidyn, in the wilderness near the Republic of Mirannas, where they live in nomadic tribes. They occasionally trade with settlements in the area, wearing cloaks that hide their insectoid features.


The Krettin Thuro are bidpedal, with spindly legs, and 4 arms with fin-like protusions covered in spikes and blades. Their heads are small, with large, compound eyes. Their jaws look like thin daggers protuding from its head, accompanied by many bladed arm-like mandibles.

They tend to live only 30 years or so, but magical enhancement can sometimes double, even triple, this lifespan.

Their language consists of clicks and churps, but their mouths can speak in the common tongue. However, it is awkward for them, and even those trained in speaking it speak in a dialect that sounds much like primitive, improper grammar.


The Krettin Thuro rever and worship Selvarius, God of Winds. This is part of the reason they are nomadic in nature: feeling they should be free to 'go where the wind takes [them]'.