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Krar'Yallvus (sometimes just called Krar due its notability) the largest city on the planet Krar, covering an area of roughly 300 square miles. It is located near the northern latitude, close enough to channel water through aqueducts connecting to the ice caps.

Despite Krar'Yallvus's popularity, it is known for having significantly outdated technology in comparison to more decorative, aesthetic locations such as Domum Regimen. This was a remnant of a time when Vaikan civilization was on a steep decline - when Krar was founded, they had barely understood the FTL ships their ancestors had used.


Every single building is connected to each other via corridors, elevator shafts, hallways, subways and many more forming a massive, winding labyrinth. While the complex is mixed with the planet's natural atmosphere, the city is equipped with CO2 filters as well as a number of internally grown vegetation.

Built over a rich outcropping of iron, a sprawling metropolis covers about 300 square miles of the planet and is open to any species holding academies and colleges that integrate immigrants into Greenwater society.


The Upperworld consists of mega skyscrapers interconnected by elevator shafts and trains. The outer areas of the city have nuclear reactors which provide power to the city, while strip mines provide mineral resources.


The Underworld consists mostly of abandoned underground factories which were since phased out by the nuclear power plants. Most of these areas were not intended for individuals to travel through, but as the population of Krar'Yallvus grew more and more, many dug out their own areas in the Underworld, creating the unorganized network of slums below.

Points of interest

Station 726

Station 726 is a major hub area in the Upperworld. New arrivals find themselves in a great glass dome with chrome floors along with a fountain in the middle. It is directly above the Red Octagon Bar.

Red Octagon Bar

The Red Octagon Bar is the most well known restaurant in the Underworld of Krar'Yallvus. It was founded by a famed family of Garros which have since maintained the bar for generations.

The food and drink offered in the restaurant is locally grown from Glowspice farm hidden below.