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Star Algus
Type Ocean planet
Satellites Kollha I, Kollha II, Kollha III
Gravity 0.97 G
Orbital distance 0.5 AU
Day length 94 hours
Year length 154 standard days
Diameter 31,324 km
Axial tilt 28.9°
Average 90° F
Minimum 70° F
Maximum 120° F
Composition 76% argon, 23% oxygen, 1% other
Surface pressure 1.7 atm
Population Unknown
Imports Unknown
Exports Unknown
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Kollha was the oceanic homeworld of the Omni. It has since been destroyed.

Physical characteristics

Based on data records, there were no areas of permanent dry land. The gravitational pull of the three moons caused extreme tides that flooded the land in predictable cycles. This also slowed down the planet's day/night cycle causing intense thermal updrafts and storms wherever the sun set. Life in Kollha evolved to adapt to the volatile environment, developing means of predicting the weather.