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Reason: This religion is suspiciously like the Norse Religion
God(s) Levenslang
Evil god(s) Toorn
Demonym Khathic

The Khathic religion is a common religion among Vaikan. Like Jamzezism, it is polytheistic, but with different gods.


  • Levenslang - Levenslang is attributed as the creator of the universe. He is perceived as being omnipotent and all powerful. It is believed he has a plan for all life in the universe.
  • Jormun - Jormun is a shadowy serpent said to be a watcher of all life. He is also a god of death, said to be the reaper of souls.
  • Toorn - Toorn is the incarnation of the wrath of Levenslang. Should he be unleashed, the Final Battle will take place among gods and men.


The Khathics view the universe as a cosmic web which intertwines all worlds together.

  • Foldgarde - The world of the Vaikan
  • Tuinheim - An oceanic world filled with frog people
  • Drekiheim - A warm, tropical world filled with dragons
  • Brennaheim - A desert world filled with three-legged termites.
  • Augaheim - The center of the universe, where Levenslang lives.
  • Duivelheim - The world of demons.
  • Himinngarde - The afterlife
  • Feigrheim - The wasteland world


Khathics believe in an afterlife called Himmingarde. Himinngarde consists of a great snowy mountain with a longhall at the base. Those who died honorably will dine here and enjoy a good drink until an event known as the Final Battle will take place.

The Final Battle is believed to be a final war between Toorn and the spirits of the soldiers who died honorably in battle.