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In order for the Karalian Empire's Code of Trust to function, a system is in place that keeps track of every citizens' overall reputation. Agreeing to follow the Code of Trust involves registering oneself to be scored based on one's actions. One can accumulate a higher score by performing well in school, doing heroic actions, making scientific contributions and even small things such as doing good deeds and favors. Actions that lower one's score include disturbing the peace, showing excess emotion in public, or simply committing crimes. The amount of points that is either increased or decreased is based on an algorithm that matches the scores of others nearby. For example, donating money to charity could mean a different score increase depending on one's current financial status.

A high reputation is one of the most sought after commodities of the Karalian Empire arguably moreso than material wealth. It is common for Karalians to go abroad and seek out work to increase their score. While there are very few material incentives to having a higher score, a high score is a strong indicator of self-discipline and virtuous quality. Higher scores across multiple individuals often indicates the Code of Trust is upheld strongly in the area.

Although the social credit system is optional, many outlets can refuse service to those who are not in the system, and can even refuse those with a score that is too low. Being part of the social credit system is an indicator to a consent of the Code of Trust. The only way to reset one's score is to either completely get a new identity or to illegally modify it within the confines of a Dark Zone. Maintaining a high score can be an arduous task. The score not only enforces virtuous behavior, but also skilled academic behavior. One's score can significantly drop as a result of bad grades. Much of the Karalian Empire's poor population consists of social outcasts whose score dropped too low. Because one's score can be deducted for the tiniest things, it often takes 100% mental effort to keep one's score at a reasonable level.

The actual score counter is kept track of through an atomic signature included in a cloud database. AI programs manage and keep track of one's visible actions by monitoring both surveillance and social media. The score is not being constantly monitored. During high risk military operations where sending out signals could compromise one's position, the score is updated based on public perception of that individual.

Upon the founding of the Second Karalian Empire, those with scores below the poverty threshold were reset to be given a chance to start over.