Karalian Empire–Confederacy of Greenwater relations

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Karalian Empire–CG relations are highly unstable. Political analysts predict that a civil war is imminent.


The Confederacy of Greenwater enjoys its status as a galactic hub due to its location in between the EIT and Domum Regimen. Hundreds of different alien species visit Krar every day, while the Karalian Empire receives less non-Vaikan traffic. However, the Karalian Empire has greater control over military assets, and trade among Karalian Empire provinces has given it the economic edge. The CG suffers greatly from overpopulation and poverty.


Formation of the CG

The CG was formed after the Karalian Empire attempted to retake the Greenwater Nebula from the Palasarian Holy Empire. This conflict is known as the Palasarian Crusades, which brought the previous Mega Depression to its end.

After the war, political schisms occurred due to cultural differences. Eventually, this led to the Greenwater systems breaking away to form the Confederacy of Greenwater. The Karalian Empire sought to reclaim these systems during the First War Between Vaikan States, but ultimately failed resulting in the two nations developing separately.

Buyuk Wars

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Despite the sour relations, the onset of the Buyuk Wars caused the Karalian Empire to come to Greenwater's aid. If the Buyuk were to capture Greenwater, the war would be disastrous for the Karalians. Along with agreeing to manufacture ships and provide supplies, the confederacy had sold some of their systems to the Karalians in exchange for protection of key establishments such as Krar. Relations had steadily improved as a result, and it eased in the establishment of a truce with the Buyuk.

When the war reignited after the Incident of Morta, the Karalians had begun to request more war assets than the Confederacy could provide. A border struggle ensued when disputes over territory in Greenwater occurred. The Treaty of Krar was established to ease border tensions. Later after the formation of the Galactic Senate, the two would become official allies.

War Between Vaikan States

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The assassination of Perlas Laisve led to a chain of events that would ultimately lead to a major conflict between the two. The Karalian Empire was destroyed while the confederacy temporarily disbanded only to reform shortly after.