Karalian Empire

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Karalian Empire
Hydom zar Karalia
Expi mos Anstin, Evehn mos Destin
Song of Reborn Legends
Capital Yallvus, Ucharpli
Largest city Jar
Languages Modern Yallvus Talk, Yallvus Talk
Ethnic groups Vaikan
Other minorities
Government Unitary absolute monarchy
King Rustiagon Karrel
 -  Foundation Enter start year
 -  Ucharpli Supernova Event Unknown
 -  Apex est. 260 billion 
Currency Karalian Ckon
Today part of Second Karalian Empire

The Karalian Empire (Yallvus Talk: Hydom zar Karalia) was a superpower formed 350 years before the Battle of Locubrermour.


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The Sterility Plague that was originally intended for only the Karnasaurs had by mistake spread through most of the galaxy, sterilizing more than 95% of spacefaring species in the galaxy at the time. The Allied Sovereign Nations, in spite of being on the opposite side of the galaxy, was affected by it and all known Vaikan were rendered unable to conceive children naturally. While the Vaikan managed to survive the calamity through cloning, the societal upheaval caused their entire species to enter a dark period of near total civilization collapse.

Nearly 500 years later, a group of looters made contact with the Vaikan's long lost homeworld of Ucharpli and buried in the snow was the ruins of Kazel-Hal. Deep beneath it in a long forgotten catacomb, the preserved remains of the ancient kings were discovered bringing to light a moment of inspiration. With the DNA of these kings available, a new royal bloodline could be established as the ruler of a new empire. The first new king of the Karalian Empire, Rustiagon Karalius, augmented himself with the DNA of the long dead kings, proclaiming a new line of succession. Very quickly, he gained influence and amassed followers, rebuilding Ucharpli in hopes of bringing it to its former glory. Kazel-Hal was restored by a team of archaeologists to become the new royal palace.

From there, the Karalian Empire became a new spark of ambition. Rustiagon Karalius made it his personal goal to conquer and reclaim the lost territories of the Vaikan in hopes of bringing order to the lawlessness.



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If an outsider wishes to become a citizen, they must undergo a series of exams on etiquette, law and the empire's history. As long as they meet that criteria, they can become a citizen. They must also sign an agreement to abide by the mutual trust code. They are otherwise fairly lenient on background checks, prioritizing an individual's abilities and personality compatibility. It's a fresh-start friendly nation, but also a difficult one to get in to.





Main article: Government of the Karalian Empire

Political divisions

AI rights are the most currently debated topic in the political landscape of the KE. It's generally inconsistent as to where AI's will actually have rights, but they tend to be more accepting in lower population areas. Because of how easy it is to copy an AI into another unit, they are very often viewed as expendable individuals and are treated as tools in a lot of parts. They also tend to live in segregated communities. This is not the case everywhere though and Vaikan and AI's do live peacefully in some areas. Despite all this, the peak of these tensions reaches during the Chaos Crisis - by then, we start seeing riots and EMP's being shot in places. Fears of a robot revolution would incite mass hysteria.

The king himself is surprisingly apathetic on the matter, leaving the Dukes to handle this. Mira is programmed for empathy, but even she recognizes that she's a servant. As such, AI's can be used as advisors and can hold positions of power, but they are programmed specifically for those purposes to circumvent the possibility of them deviating.

Parties and elections

Foreign relations

State finance

Tax money generally percolates up each level, but it's not impossible for both the Duke and the King to impose heavier taxes. These usually happen in the event of disasters or steep war debts as a very desperate way to raise money.

Law and justice

There are very few written laws in the Karalian Empire. A Code of Trust is in place where citizens are assumed to have certain responsibilities when it comes to being an orderly citizen. They are trusted to know how to act in a civil manner, but would receive steep consequences if broken.

The self-trust system is very new having been established around the founding of the Karalian Empire 350 years before the present day. It manifested over time since the sterility plague. As Vaikan began cloning themselves more, they also started changing their physical and personal traits. Overtime, Vaikan became a lot more intelligent and a lot stronger, but the ethical question of whether they should be engineered to be obedient arose. Some tyrannical governments began to do that, but the Karalian Empire advertised itself as a sanctuary for the free-willed and intellectually gifted. The code of mutual trust is a reassurance of one's independence and ability to function by oneself. The Karalian Empire may not be completely free, but it managed to succeed in at least offering an illusion of freedom to help solve the ongoing identity crisis.

Essentially, their government is not necessarily built around complete efficiency of the system but to instead assure to its citizens that they have self-worth in the face of being a clone designed by someone else. As for the wrong person being in power, historically this happened with Rarsan stealing Karrel's throne when he contacted the UESS. Rarsan was planning to turn over the entire KE to the Buyuk's control because he believed the mutual trust system was a failure. He saw that Greenwater was surviving as the Buyuk's puppet state, but of course, all the freedoms they usually had were completely gone. The staged coup Karrel was about to have was very much on the verge of becoming a real one as bringing in UESS ships to his side might have been enough to provoke a civil war. Thankfully, things went a lot more smoothly and Karrel was able to just win with the staged coup.

Criminal cases are virtually non-existent as the fate of criminal is often declared on the spot by a member of an Internal Guard in a matter of minutes. There is no guaranteed right to a trial or a right to remain silent as the cases are very utilitarian in nature. It operates under the assumption that the crime was committed out of free will and the criminal is willing to face the consequences. Only civil cases or certain criminal cases with enough ambiguity actually warrant being taken to a proper court where a committee of judiciaries and AI's decide on the best course of action.

What makes criminal activity even more curious is that throughout the empire are designated "Dark Zones" where virtually any sort of petty crimes from burglary to arson are legal. The thought process is that these Dark Zones act as a catharsis factor to limit crime to specific areas to balance out the power of the police and judges. These Dark Zones are gated with barriers and armed guards so that aimless citizens do not wander into them by accident. While these Dark Zones are said to be total anarchy on paper, the government also authorized paid raids on the part of paramilitary organizations to invade gang hideouts and shut down smuggling operations.

Common citizens can freely travel in and out of the Dark Zones, but are warned of the risks prior to entry. Sometimes, poorer families do scavenging runs into them to collect resources. Those in the middle of a violent confrontation are not allowed to leave a Dark Zone until the dust has settled. Exports into Dark Zones are allowed, but all imports must be rigorously checked, hence the heavily guarded barriers.

Dark Zones mostly get marked off because they are not gentrified or they encompass unexplored territories. They exist the way they do primarily because the KE hasn't had time or resources to actually settle these wilderness areas, so the most they could hope for was to set up guidelines and warnings. After all, the KE is sorting through many ancient Vaikan ruins that it has had no jurisdiction over. Overtime, it started to become gamified and accepted as natural lifestyle. It adds an extra level of thrill for the criminals. Sometimes, a lurer might kidnap people to take them to the Dark Zones to do whatever they please. Of course, because they technically kidnapped, the police may be on the hunt for them.


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Science and technology


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