Kansar Pulsar

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The Kansar Pulsar is a young neutron star at the center of the nebula. It is roughly 20 km in diameter, and its pulsating beams rotate 30 times per second.


The Kansar Pulsar is the remnant of a supernova that took place 800 years before the Battle of Domum Regimen. It was observed by the very first Ashadrans who were created during the Tokarthi war against the Drussiray. It had coincidentally taken place just as the war was wrapping up and Selvarius had uploaded his consciousness into a computer network. The Tokarthi who anticipated this event built large underground bunkers for the Ashadrans to hide in to avoid the gamma ray bursts that would follow in the coming decades. Most life on the surface was devastated, but the Ashadrans survived the event and recolonized the planet's surface within a century. To the Ashadrans, this symbolized a true rebirth from their old Vaikan forms to their new biology as Ashadrans.

Today, the Kansar Pulsar is celebrated as a spiritual object in Ashadran culture. In the Ashadran language which derived from an ancient form of Yallvus Talk, "kansar" means cleansing which eventually took on the meaning of baptism. It became customary for Ashadrans to do a pilgrimage to visit the pulsar within a safe distance and meditate in its presence. Ashadrans have the ability to perceive EM waves and other forms of radiation as mental images and as such, being in the presence of the pulsar is considered a very profound experience. Many compare the experience to being in the presence of a divine being. Although this is technically true for any Ashadran in front of any pulsar, the Kansar Pulsar is considered the most important because of the role it played in the birth of Ashadran civilization.