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Jotunheim is one of the Nine Realms of Yggdrassil created by the Seidhr, a Nordic group of dreamwalking seers. Like the name of this world suggests, Jotunheim is home to the Jotuns.


Jotunheim consists of tall icy peaks with taigas and lakes at the base. It is mostly sprawling open wilderness, but the landscape is deceptively beautiful. The native Jotun are hostile to outsiders, and the Rupture lead to the introduction of numerous monsters including those that are non-native.

Points of interest

  • Secret Nidavellir Entrance - A hidden dreambleed that leads to Nidavellir.
  • Crystal Cave - A cave where energies from the World Tree have coallesced to create a unique substance known as Yggdrassil crystals.
  • Snowbound Vale - A wide chasm that is considered impossible to cross without the help of a Jotun.
  • Castle Utgard - A tall castle atop the mountains where Loki lives and plans his next move.


  • Fenrir - The son of Loki, Fenrir is a wolf that is fiercely loyal to whoever his master is.
  • Skrymir - The largest Jotun of all. He stands as tall as a mountain. Despite his unfathomable strength, he is highly intelligent and clever.
  • Loki - A Jotun that was adopted and raised among the Aesir. He is one of the members of the Fire Heist Crew. Unlike his compatriots which used the Horn of Bifrost to break into the Citadel of Eden, he used a dark corridor to directly go there.

Known Spirits and Id

Travelers should beware of the various spirits and Id listed here. They are highly aggressive, territorial and some of them prey on humans.


  • Jotun - The main inhabitants of Jotunheim. They are highly aggressive but are loyal to Loki.
  • Draugr - An undead warrior.
  • Troll - A smaller version of the Jotun.
  • Dark Elf - Creatures native to Niflheim. They tend to inhabit the caves in Jotunheim.
  • Fossegrimen - Water spirits that cast spells using their fiddles.
  • Huldra - A seductive forest creature that lure others with their songs. It is similar to the siren from Arcadia.
  • Night Mare - A horse made of dark energy.
  • Muspell - A fiery demon native to Muspelheim.
  • Warg - A monstrous wolf-like creature.
  • Lindworm - A wingless serpentine monster.


  • Grendel - A tough, brutal foe reputed to be descended from Cain, the first human to create an Id.
  • Nidhogg - A black dragon that feeds off the World Tree for power.