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The Iztur are an ancient race that is a member of the Empire of Arckas. They used to be a major power in the Milky Way Galaxy but have since been decimated by the Collective. There are no know survivors that have managed to live to the present day, but it is believed that there at least 970 trillion Iztur.


The Iztur rose up as a powerful race of zealots, committing mass genocide against their empires. Eventually, they allied with the Karotians, the Piln and the Grusarg to defeat the Promorin. Eventually, they built the Empire of Arckas.

60,000 years later, the Iztur betrayed the empire and created the Collective, a synthetic race that would later become plagued with a virus that would wipe out large chunks of the Iztur's empire. Since that incident, the lower species were forbidden from developing their own advanced AI leaving all decisions to Na'zrah.