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Izcheh are small flying insects native to Aggateya, the southern continent of Ucharpli, and are known for their role in polination and for producing Izcheh honey, often used to create products such as mead. Izcheh collectively refers to a group of "ice insects" which have carapaces which insulate their bodies.


Izcheh vary in size ranging from as small as an ant to as large as a mouse. They are social insects and they live in hives into rocky outcroppings on the side of mountains. Unlike most insects, Izcheh wings have filamentous feathers capable of flapping 200 times per second. Their body is a tough exoskeleton encrusted with protective ice crystals.

Aggateya is both cold and arid, so water is just as scarce here as in the desert. Izcheh are preyed upon by carnivores such as the Izsark. When threatened, Izcheh are capable of protruding a spike shaped crystal in the front of their heads, then using a boost of telekinetic energy to slam into its opponent at least 30 miles per hour. The "sting" will not only live a puncture wound, but also inject large amounts of ice crystals into the wound giving the opponent frostbite, hence the creature's name.

The Killer Izcheh, one of the larger species will often be found in swarms, and are considered one of the deadliest insects on Ucharpli. When found in groups, their stings are capable of taking down a small land vehicle.

Habitat and range

Izcheh are found all over Aggateya, though they are mostly found in Malin because there is more vegetation there. They will build their nest on the side of a mountain in a rocky outcropping, and they will drink the nectar of the plants at the mountains base. Izcheh are very versatile and can even cross the infamous Frozen Wasteland, but the Malinian Aggateyan Mountains are where they are found most.


Izcheh are social insects. They gather nectar not only for themselves, but for their queen, the only Izcheh within the nest capable of reproducing. Once a certain drone gathers enough nectar, they will mate with the queen.

Drones will live for approximately one month, but queens can live up to two and a half years. However, the population is almost never in danger of dying out since Izcheh are active all year even during the six month night cycle. Aggateyan vegetation derives most of its nutrients from the soil rather than sunlight, but they produce nectar to help pollinate themselves all year.


Many Izcheh are farmed for their honey. The Khatherians use it to produce their galaxy-famous mead, a major commodity among Vaikan.