Ice Temple (Galactic Crucibles)

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The Ice Temple is a construct created on Ucharpli. While its exact age is unknown, its existence dates back even before the Vaikan became sapient, suggesting that another intelligent race had constructed, most likely the Omni. The Ice Temple is hidden somewhere in the Frozen Wasteland of Aggateya and is the only surviving Omni structure on Ucharpli.

The general vicinity of the Ice Temple was recorded to be somewhere near the Ridge of Xeng, a ridge shaped like a triangular prism. The Ice Temple has become extremely difficult to find because not only do bandits and aggressive fauna inhabit the land, the Ice Temple was buried in ice after the ice caps refroze following the nuclear holocaust. As a result, the outside of the Ice Temple remains invisible, covered in ice.


The Ice Temple consists of a central, circular sanctum with several pillars. In the middle is a pedestal which holds a Jormun's Ring, an artifact left behind by the Omni. The original purpose of the Ice Temple is unknown, but it was believed to have been a place of worship.

The Ice Temple contains an internal virtual reality, allowing the inside to bigger than the outside via an illusion.