Hanzo Kusanagi

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Hanzo Kusanagi
Species Human/Spirit

Hanzo Kusanagi is the leader of the Yumekage. He is a long-lived samurai active during World War II. After passing, he reincarnated as a phantom that looks identical to how he did in life. Thus, rumor has it that he is immortal.


When in combat, Hanzo wears ancient samurai armor with a flag that bears the crest of the Yumekage. He wears the mask of an oni.


Hanzo is very stubborn and distrusting of outsiders. However, he is accepting of those who are honorable and desire a fair fight. After the end of World War II, he showed remorse over all the lives he was responsible for ending and sought to atone by sharing his knowledge on the Realm of Darkness.



Hanzo can phase in and out of the Realm of Darkness. He is an expert in horsemanship, archery and swordsmanship. The name of his horse is Umakage, a phantom stallion.