Greenwater Militia

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The Greenwater Militia is the main fighting force for the Confederacy of Greenwater.


Contrasting the Federal Legion, the Militia consists mainly of non-professional individuals. All citizens who are in good health are eligible for drafting and must be prepared at a moments notice as a means of cutting down unemployment and poverty. Although the Militia recruits their soldiers off the street most of the time, a small percentage of elite units consists of hired mercenaries who are paid by the corporations ruling the government.

The Confederacy lacks a full-fledged counterpart to the Karalian Empire's Synthetic Legion. Instead, most robots and starships are imported from other Galactic Senate nations.


The Militia has a simplified doctrine: do whatever it takes to get the job done. Time spent planning is limited, organization is loose due to a large proportion of the population having little to no formal combat training. Most of the time, the Militia relies simply on overwhelming numbers and guerrilla tactics to defeat their enemies.

Planet Force

Main article: Confederate Planet Force

The Planet Force deals with combat directly on the surface of a planet particularly in urban establishments.

Space Corps

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The Space Corps is the rough equivalent to the Federal Legion's Alda'Kapura specializing in ship to ship combat.

Confederate Mercenary Guild

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The Confederate Mercenary Guild serves as the equivalent to military police, consisting of professional soldiers unlike the other divisions which rely mostly on untrained individuals. Most of these mercenaries are also in league with another one of the confederacy's major corporations.


Militia soldiers wear light green uniforms with plexi-glass visor helmets. Each unit is marked with a Universal Positioning System tracker in the form of a sigil resembling a rocket.