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Golgotha is the home of the Ego.

The Paths of Ascension

This article contains spoilers for an upcoming media adaptation. Read at your own risk.

The Paths of Ascension are a region that falls in the domain of the Ego named Henkle. It is a towering mountain divided into several sub-regions.

  • Path of Tartarus - The Path of Tartarus is an infernal fortress surrounded by lava and demonic monsters. A dragon named Azazel waits at the end.
  • Path of Oblivion - The Path of Oblivion is a shadowy castle inhabited by phantoms and ghosts. Twin vampires await.
  • Path of Zion - The Path of Zion is a citadel in the clouds inhabited by divine monsters. A fallen angel named Gadreel awaits.
  • Sanctuary - The Sanctuary is a serene, calm final rest stop before the crater.
  • Crater - The summit of the mountain. What lies at the bottom of the crater is unknown, only that it is full of a swirling abyss of lost souls forever descending into nothingness.